The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy has been involved with Community-based Pharmacy Residency training for 20 years. The program was one of the first multi-site community-based residencies accredited by ASHP and APhA in the country. Greater than seventy-five individuals have graduated from the program.

The offering in community-based pharmacy practice with the VCU School of Pharmacy, is an ASHP-APhA accredited one-year (PGY-1) residency program that emphasizes practice innovation, along with design and implementation of patient care in community- based practice settings.

The resident will have sufficient exposure to community-based pharmacies already engaging in innovative practices, yet will have ample opportunity to assist in the design and implementation of similar patient care services at other sites. Development of basic skills in practice-based research will be a component of the residency experience.

In addition to direct patient care experiences, the resident will also gain experience in activities that will prepare them for roles as clinicians and educators upon completion of the residency.