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Program Overview

Educational Competency Areas

The required educational competency areas for the VCU PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program are as follows:

  1. Competency area R1: Patient care
  2. Competency area R2: Leadership and management
  3. Competency area R3: Advancement of community-based practice and improving patient care
  4. Competency area R4: Teaching, education and dissemination of knowledge

The residency will be tailored to complement and augment the background and career goals of the successful applicant.

Resident Responsibilities

In general, the resident’s responsibilities will include:

  • Patient care - 70%
    • Patient care community-based setting - 40%
    • Community-based clinics - 10%
    • Patient-centered dispensing - 20%
  • Program development and management - 15%
  • Community and professional leadership - 5%
    • Residency program administration - 1%
    • Community and professional leadership - 4%
  • Research and contribution to the literature - 5%
  • Teaching and training - 5%

Patient Care

The patient care learning experience represents the foundation for the residency program and includes work in a community-based site, ambulatory care clinics and patient-centered dispensing.

Teaching and Training

The teaching and training learning experience is designed to give residents skills and knowledge for teaching patients, student pharmacists, pharmacists and other health care professionals. Residents are required to give provide two mall group facilitations each semester, one large lecture and participate in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences for the professional degree program. In addition, residents will be teaching patients, presenting a continuing education program for pharmacists and a program for other health professionals.

Additionally, residents will be required to complete the Practitioner-Teacher Program. Residents will receive a certificate of completion for the Practitioner-Teacher Program.

Program Development and Management

The program development and management learning experience is designed to give residents skills and knowledge to develop and manage financially viable patient care practice. Residents will be involved with a quality improvement project and will develop a business plan for a new patient care service which residents will implement and evaluate.

Research and Contribution to the Literature

The research and contribution to the literature learning experience is designed to give residents skills and knowledge to conduct practice-based projects and for writing, presenting and publishing. Residents will conduct a research project and write a continuing education article.


Elective activities are designed to enrich the resident’s experiences in areas not part of the core curriculum or to expand on core curriculum areas. The elective activities will be selected in consultation with their site coordinator/primary preceptor and the residency director. All efforts will be made to grant the resident opportunities for elective activities of their choice; however, timing, logistics, etc. may not allow for certain experiences. Previous residents have completed elective activities with the American Pharmacists Association, Virginia Pharmacists Association, managed care, and other innovative community practice sites and industry.